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Formspring - Sweet Potato Fry Sauce

What would be a good sauce for sweet potato fries? I've yet to find one that pairs "just right" with it. I know the answer won't be Chipotle mayo . . . by emilysaysso

Definitely not chipotle mayo, and not chipotle ketchup either. Smokiness does nothing to enhance the fry.

The problem with this question is that sweet potato fries vary in quality so much. If you get a good batch, the sweetness comes through, but usually you get the fries that have been frozen and they lack a lot of that sweetness.

But that's beside the point, we need a sauce that compliments the texture, the sweetness of the potato, and the saltiness (since anyone who doesn't salt sweet potato fries is crazy). Ketchup doesn't work because it's already sweet, it works great for potato fries, but isn't quite right for sweet potato fries. I think you need a savory sauce. Aioli has been done and it's a just not right either.

Here is my idea, combine the tartness of the tomato from ketchup with the savory of an aioli. I think a sauce using sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, lemon, and cracked pepper. Blend that together and you might have something. It'll be the consistency of a pesto so you may need to add it to mayonnaise to make it work.

Of course I could be completely nuts and it could be awful.