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Friday Five 1/29/2010 Edition

After a brief hiatus due to me being extremely lazy after getting the School Night Badge on Foursquare, Friday Five is back. This week contains a bit of humor, some music, one excellent writeup about social media "experts" and a comic about arguing. Enjoy

  • Have you seen Dessa's new video? If you haven't you should check it out, immediately.
  • Minus Manhattan catches a glimpse a bundled up teddy bear. Proof that even stuffed animals aren't made to live in this crazy weather.
  • MN Headhunter calls out the many social media experts. He has ruined my dream of putting "social media expert" in my twitter bio and making six figures.
  • Rachel is losing control of her pillow.
  • Instructions on how to make your point in an argument.

Finally, I'm posting this even though it's heartbreaking, but read about Monkey, and then go hug your pet.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, stay warm and enjoy the end of the first month of 2010.