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It's Monday and I'm Still Here

First, I should apologize for leaving you all hanging with such a strange and confusing last post. For the record, I'm doing fine, still living life, cooking, and spending more time away from home then at home.

Still, I think I needed last week off, it was good to avoid any self imposed pressure to write. That post gave me the ability to just shrug off any pangs of guilt that creeped into my conscious thinking about all of you readers sitting at your computer hitting refresh every minute or so hoping I would write something new. Don't lie to me, I know you did this all week.

But after a lot of great conversations with some really awesome friends, hanging out with some of my best friends from college who I don't see nearly enough, I think I finally at least have a general goal for the next few months in place. As I stated before, I'm working on several projects, all website, that I hope to have launched in the next two months or so. I'm not ready to publicly announce what they are, but if you see me in person and want to know, I'll give you the inside scoop. I'm really excited about two of them and the third is something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm not 100% certain I can make it work, but I'm going to try.

I have a few other things I'm working on and also need to do as well, some of which I can post here; others that I have to keep close to the chest for now. Still, I can give you a short list of a few things I'm working on, and am planning on doing in the coming weeks.

  • Make ricotta and mozzarella cheese - I recently began getting whole milk from a local farm, and since I don't drink much milk, I need to work on using up a half-gallon of milk a week. My goal is to try making some different cheeses and see if it's something I can do weekly.
  • The gym - I've been awful the last two weeks, and it's time to remedy that. I enjoy food way too much to not be at the gym three days a week.
  • Cook, cook, cook - I've been slacking in the kitchen as well and I need to start cooking again.
  • Talk to some freelancers - This may be giving somethings away, but I really need to sit down with some people who do freelance work and figure out how one goes about getting started. I have some ideas of what I want to do, I just don't know what I need to do to do them.

Well that's a short list, some of which are always on my list, others are new. I like putting things up on my blog because I always feel guilty when I can't write about how I succeeded. So now I need to get to work on accomplishing some of these things.

Have a great Monday everyone, time to get this week off to a great start.