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Sweatpants Crawl

A month or so ago, I was trying to do laundry using my apartment's facilities. I had washed the majority of my pants and when I went to put them in the dryer, I found that the dryer's coin slot wasn't working. So I was sitting at home with eight pairs of wet pants, no clean pants, and a decision to make.

  1. I could go to the laundromat and dry my pants.
  2. I could sit at home bitching about my situation on Twitter.
  3. I could sit at home angry about my situation, drinking and watching Netflix movies.
  4. I could put on the only clean pants I had, which were sweatpants, and head down to the local watering hole.

I ended up choosing option 4, and it wasn't too long before the #sweatpantscrawl hashtag was born. I ended up just watching a hockey game and going home, but it there was some interest from the twittersphere to join me on my crawl. In fact @kshoop has been trying to get me to organize a crawl for a while so I'm finally doing it.

The crawl will be taking place on Saturday March 6th. I've decide to hold it in Northeast. I considered heading downtown or to uptown, thinking it would be fun to stop in a few of the bars there with a collection of sweatpants clad people, but decided that the atmosphere in NE would be more fun for this outing. I haven't quite nailed down a starting location, but am working on that. So mark your calendars and sign up here(twitvite) or here(facebook). Can't wait to see you all.