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Update and Stuff

A list of a few of the things I experienced in the past couple weeks while I've been basically silent around here.

  • Watching one of my best friends deal with the loss of his mother was really hard. This is a guy I lived with for almost five years and I knew how close he was to her. Somewhere he drew the strength to speak at her funeral and it was really amazing. He's a stronger person than I.
  • Running into a friend outside of The Bulldog after finding the bar completely full on the night I found out about Shadow. All I wanted was a burger and a beer and wasn't looking for companionship, instead I spent the night talking Ashley's ear off about this that and the other thing. I'm pretty sure she kept me sane.
  • Seeing friends I hadn't seen in a long time come to Minneapolis to support my friend and celebrate his birthday. The circle of friends I developed in college is incredible.
  • Randomly getting text after walking down Nicollet saying "We see you", weird, random, and coming from some the new friends I've made this year who are pretty cool.
  • Having a high school classmate call me up to hang out on Sunday night, we hadn't seen each other in too long considering with both live in the metro, it was great to catchup.
  • Meeting the founder of Rribbitz to discuss freelancing. It was a lot of fun talking to her, and she didn't discourage me in the slightest. In fact she made a video, which I could barely watch because I hate seeing myself.
  • Having my mother tell me I'm a great writer after reading my post about Shadow.
  • Having another new friend send me an email telling me that this blog is part of her inspiration to start a blog of her own. I think her blog will rock. Now to just convince her to stop being scared and just start writing already.
  • My amazing circle of Twitter followers and blog readers, you rock.
  • The bike ride I went on last night which was tagged bikeridegang. Basically 10+ people met up and biked around Minneapolis, stopping at a couple bars for food and beer. It was the perfect kick-off to my 2010 biking season.

So, I'm back, I'll possibly be blogging about the WCHA tournament, blogging about food of course, and announcing a new project that is live, but not quite ready for prime time. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, drink some beer and celebrate the coming of spring.