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On the Apparent Demise of This Blog

I swear I'm not trying to let this site die, it's just kind of taken a back seat to a lot of other things going on in my life. Additionally, writing inspiration hasn't exactly jumped up and yelled ideas at me like it used to. So for right now yeah, you get to wallow in the sadness that is my quiet site.

A few things to share.

  • I recently launched a new project called The Tour Twin Cities. It's a combination dining club/review site. It's an idea I've been really working on fleshing out and I would love you to join, offer feedback, try to break the site, or whatever you want to do to support it. I'd especially love it if you joined and came on a tour stop.
  • A food blog is in the works, I have content, just don't have a design, hopefully it will happen soon.
  • I'm purchasing a Mac Book Pro next week if things go well. So all of my followers who think I'm crazy for living on a PC for the last 27 years of my life will be appeased. Plus the ability to go to a coffee shop and work on my own laptop is probably going to boost my productivity. I'm very easily distracted at home for some reason.
  • Finally, I'm going to be spending 7 weeks in California for work. I'm not really looking forward to living out of a hotel room for that time, but the sushi, and the food, and the scenes, and the...yeah, I'll survive.

Anyway the point is I'm still here, I'm reading your stuff, and someday I may actually be the prolific blogger I was for about 13 months again.

P.S. If you happen to be bored on Saturday and want to hang out with some awesome photographers, you should join us at the State Fair grounds for a photo walk. It'll be a blast and we accept anyone. Point and shoots, Digital SLRs, Film, heck I think a sketchpad would be embraced. Deets are here.