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Not Quite Loving Technology

Well, it's back! It took me a bit but I managed to resurrect this site from the demons of technology. Turns out that my power supply went bad, frying my motherboard and/or CPU. Luckily it appears to have left my hard drive functioning so after purchasing new parts and putting things back together, spending two days troubleshooting what I thought was a bad hard drive, and finally fixing the problem, I have my server back. It's also lower power in comparison, running a 35W Celeron as opposed to the 65W amd processor I was using before.

Other technology things that have me pulling my hair out.

  • My main desktop PC is acting up, nothing I can't fix but still annoying
  • I dropped my iPhone and broke the screen, thankfully it still works
  • My wireless router that is my backup to my server is worthless when being used as a router. Luckily I was able to borrow a router from my neighbor so I wasn't without the internet for a week.

On the positive side I have a Macbook Pro on the way. Nothing quite like a new toy to make me giddy.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me while I was offline for a week. I'll be writing a bit more now that I have things working again.