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Target Field

Sunday, I made it a mission to get to Target Field. Ever since I spent a summer living in Helena and going to my cousin's Legion games several times a week, I have loved outdoor baseball. Baseball just isn't the same when played in a dome, and for that reason, even though the Twins are by far my favorite professional team in the cities, I hardly ever went to their games.

That's going to change, probably to the detremit of my budget. From the moment I walked into Target Field I knew I was going to spend a lot of time there. It's an amazing facility that is dripping with history, and made to do one thing, show fans a great time at a baseball game.

Of course the food selection is stellar, and you all know how important that is to me. The beer selection could use some work, though Summit EPA makes an appearance, it's not nearly as easy to find as it should be. I know that most fans probably stick with Bud Lite and it's ilk, but making it easier for me to spend extra to enjoy my beer should get some attention. I tried the Cuban Sandwich and was very happy with it. I could have done without the potato chips that came with it, I'd rather save the 50 cents and have the option to leave them behind the counter.

Other things that struck me included lots of little bars all around the stadium with views of the game. Ledges near food courses that allow fans to eat without going to their seat and still watch the game. A really nice view of downtown Minneapolis. The absolute crazy way it was shoved into the space it occupies. I've read about it so many times yet seeing it from the inside makes you appreciate just how impressive the engineering behind it was.

Sadly I didn't see the Twins win my first game at Target field. They played pretty poorly overall, lot of chances but just couldn't seem to get a hit when it was needed. Hopefully it was a fluke and I'll see many more wins by the Twins at Target Field than I see losses.

*This post was supposed to come with a few photos from the game, but I managed to leave my camera with the photos at a friends house last night. Hopefully I'll publish them in a few days.