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The Toaster Strudel

According to Pillsbury's website, Toast Strudels are "your family’s favorite breakfast solution." Breakfast Solution? It's words like this that should make everyone stand up and take notice that the food we have been consuming isn't real. Food isn't a solution, it's not a way to fix a problem, it's a necessity, it should come from the ground, have roots, or eat stuff from the ground that has roots. It should only have other things that follow those rules added to it. Granted their are exceptions to this rule, salt doesn't have roots, some fish eat other fish, and mushrooms are kind of an oddity. But still the point is if it is a "breakfast solution" something is wrong.

What exactly is a Toaster Strudel made of? Well it's true that it does contain flour, bleached and processed of course but it is still flour, and some fruit. Other than that it's a mixture of chemicals, nutritional additives, processed sugars, preservatives, and coloring that are combined into something they refer to as a "breakfast solution".

Now don't get me wrong, before I started paying attention to what I was putting in my body, I used to really enjoy Toaster Strudels, the flaky crust, the sweet fruit, and of course the do it yourself frosting was delicious. It was similar to a turnover, only easier to heat up and take on the road since I sure wasn't going to get up in time to warm up anything else.

So I have a mission, I'm going to develop a recipe that replicates the Toaster Strudel of my youth using only real ingredients. I have an idea of how to do this, it's doesn't seem too complicated, and other than the pastry dough I've actually made everything I need at one point or another.

So stay tuned, I'll post my triumph in the near future.