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Indoor Greenhouse

I decided this week that I'm going to retry my garden experiment. It sort of failed last year, but I blame that on a couple things. One, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I did no research, I just thought I could pop some seeds into a jar and suddenly have herbs. Doesn't work for me very well. Two, I used much to small of pots and stuck different herbs in the same pot. I think the competition was a bit much. Three, I kept having to close my shades to keep my apartment from reaching 95 degrees during the summer.

So how am I going to remedy these? First, I'm limiting myself to only a few plants. I'm going to grow basil, oregano, and maybe some sage or thyme. By keeping it simple I can research my needs quickly and keep them in seperate pots. Second, I purchased an old roll top desk that is going to act as my garden plant stand. It has three levels I can utilize and when I put it where I plan on locating it, I can leave my shades angled a bit and get some sun without doing getting quite such a green house effect as where they are located now.

I'm also going to try growing some tomatoes. I've never tried doing this inside, but I bought the pot for them today. I'm going to pick up the plants sometime this weekend. I haven't quite decided where I'll get them, but I have all weekend for that.

So here are some questions for my readers. First, any other herbs or vegetables I should try growing inside that don't take a ton of work? Second, do you know of any great composting tutorials for doing the composting in an apartment with no outdoor access? Third, have you ever had success growing tomatoes indoors? Thanks for any feedback you might leave.