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On Vertedness

In an attempt to blog more than once every 3rd blue moon, I'm going to focus my attention on short posts that are too long for Twitter, yet not what I normally wrote.

It wasn't too long ago that I spent more time at home then I did going out. Right now, I'm pretty sure the birds flying by my apartment see it's interior more often than I do. I always considered myself an introvert, I liked reading, playing video games, and doing anything else that only required a seat in my house. Now, no one would believe I was introverted if I told them. I'm always out attending an event of some sort or getting a beer with friends. Hell, I've even tried my hand at event planning a few times in the last six months.

So what changed? Well, in hindsight I have always been an extrovert. I've never been scared of anyone, could always hold a conversation with a brown paper bag, and loved meeting new people. What has changed is my avenues for finding things to do. I became friends with some busy people, started marking things on my calendar so I wouldn't forget about them, and kept myself informed via whatever methods I could as to what was going on. It's a snowball effect because by doing more I meet more people and they invite me to more things where I meet more people. In the last two years I went from wishing I had things to do and compensating by being introverted, to being myself.

Now if I can only get that brown paper bag to shut up.