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My Response (or giving away marketing advice for free)

So I'm posting it today because I want to post something. Here is the response I wrote to Womfire after they responded to the email I wrote to Chili's marketing department.

Thanks Howard,
I wasn't really concerned about my email address, my biggest concern was the grammar skills shown by your representative. Additionally, as someone who is passionate about social media I had a hard time with your campaign. It didn't feel genuine to me at all. Plus, as most of the comments pointed out, free chips are kind of funny considering you get free chips at every Mexican eatery other than Chili's.

One last thing that I wanted to point out. Though I appreciate you enjoying my blog, I'm definitely not your target market. My blog is full of posts and links about local, sustainable, and healthy food. Your client, Chili's, is one of the last places I would ever choose to eat. As someone who is passionate about social media, blogging, and marketing, I would hope that if you are doing a campaign like this you would be doing a quick search for "food" in blogs you want to contact. It wouldn't have taken much time to see that I was more likely to make fun of Chili's than promote them.

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I'll post a comment on the post noting that you responded genuinely and addressed most of my concerns. I do wish you success in your campaign with Chili's.

They addressed my concern about my email address, they had found it on my blog. They also apologized and advised they wouldn't contact me again. I'm considering the issue closed.