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The MT Road Trip, 2010

I'm going home this weekend. Back to Montana to see my parents, my brothers, and some of my extended family. I'm going to be gone or a little over a week. I'm leaving here Thursday afternoon and will be heading back here on the following Friday.

For the most part I'm very excited. Except for the driving part. That's right, I decided to drive home this time as opposed to flying like I have in the past. This means I'm planning on a 15 hour drive through Minnesota, North Dakota, and the most boring part of Montana. This is why I'm leaving Thursday night. I'm meeting my brother in Fargo and we are planning on driving all the way through the night, getting to Bozeman around 6 in the morning.

Back when I was in college this wouldn't have phased me. But now I'm a little nervous. Will I be able to sleep while my brother drives? Will my car make it? Will I be a functioning member of society when I arrive? How am I going to survive being cooped up in a car for 15 hours? This is insane? I'm booking a flight tonight? Ahhhhh?

Ok, I got that out there. Honestly I think it will be fine. I have plans to download a number of podcasts, load up the iPhone with a ton of good music, and invest in a case of both caffeinated and uncaffeinated energy drinks. I bought carrots this weekend that I'll be cutting up to bring with me, so I can hopefully avoid buying too much junk. I think I'll brew a large batch of iced tea or coffee as well.

So maybe that's the difference. I used to just throw a bag in the car and go. Now I have plans, but with planning comes realizing everything that can go wrong. Then again maybe I'm just going crazy in my old age. Who knows.

I plan on writing while I'm out there, and depending on the cell coverage I may even use Twitter. If I do, follow along at #mtrt2010. It should be fun, lots of time with the family, but I also hope to see what sort of local food scene is happening in Bozeman and Helena. I'll be reporting here and over at Garlic and Onion.