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Fail! (or renting from Uhaul)

I know a lot of my readers follow me on Twitter and probably saw my Uhaul complaints from my trip back to Montana. Not one to let a company get away with poor service, idiocy, and just basic business ability. I'm publishing a basic timeline of what happened with Uhaul.

  • Monday, my mother calls and reserves a 17' truck from Uhaul in Belgrade, MT.
  • 1 or 2 days later they call and ask if we would accept a 26' truck. My mom says yes because they were going to give it to us for the same price.
  • Friday, my mom stops by to verify that a truck is reserved, she was told no trucks were available. But, they stated they would let Bozeman know they had messed up and they would give us a deal.
  • We call Bozeman's Uhaul. They offer us a 17' truck at the normal price and mileage at 1/2 price. With one caveat, we have to bring it back to Bozeman.
  • I heard this and said, "No!" that meant we were paying the same price for the truck but someone was spending 3 hours(Bozeman is 100 miles from Helena) driving a truck back.
  • I tweeted about Uhaul, they responded saying they would be in touch.
  • I talked to the GM at the Uhaul in Bozeman and told him I would pay 3/4 of the price initially quoted plus they needed to pay for the gas we used. They came back with a quote that I was ok with.
  • Uhaul on Twitter asks me to send them an email with my phone number, I did this.
  • We pick up the truck. It's been 24 hours and I haven't heard from Uhaul so I tweeted again, they responded asking me to email my phone number again. I got busy and forgot.
  • We use the truck, bring it back on Sunday and dropped it off.
  • Tuesday morning my mom gets a text message saying the truck was overdue. I immediatly found the email address which was sent on Twitter and sent my phone number, Tweeted about it, and my mother called the Uhaul store who said someone would be calling us in 2-3 hours.
  • 24 hours later we have received no phone calls. I hunted down and called Uhaul's customer service line. Spoke to a nice girl named Lacy, she said she had let someone named Donna (I believe I was told this was the regional manager) know about our problem and I would receive a phone call in 2-3 hours. Apparently the store had checked in part of the truck but not everything on Monday.
  • 5 hours later I've received no phone call from anyone at Uhaul.

I'm of course going to call Donna tomorrow morning. I don't expect much, Uhaul has proven themselves to be a horrendous company at communications. It's been a series of screw ups, miscommunications, and unkept promises. I'm giving them another 24 hours to fix this, how they will do this is kind of a mystery. I can't figure out a way that makes me or my parents happy. It should be noted that my parents are going to be potential customers in 6-8 months, my youngest brother will be in May, and there is a potential for me or my other brother to need their services this year. Guess what company isn't getting a phone call or a Internet visit?

PS: If Uhaul does want to fix this they can send a Visa gift card worth $130 to my parents, or refund their credit card. Plus send me, my parents, and both of my brothers coupons for 50% off our next Uhaul rental, and those coupons should never expire. Do that and I'll even edit this post and not just comment on it letting everyone know they tried to fix the problem. Email me and I'll send you the details needed to fulfill this request.