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On Writing (or why do I keep trying to impress people, this is about me)

Stephen King once wrote a book with the same title as this post, minus the subtitle. I only ever read portions of it, something about reading non-fiction by one of my favorite, at the time, fiction writers seemed wrong. Maybe I should have, maybe his advice would resonate and I wouldn't hit these slumps that I get myself into.

Writing here is cathartic; it helps me get thoughts out of my head that are cluttering up the place. I love getting comments, love having friends tell me they liked that one post when were having a beer, and I like, and sort of hate, looking back on my previous posts. This blog started out as a place I could be myself, and throughout its life I've stayed true to that mission, mostly.

There have been many times I've fallen off the writing bandwagon, though I think that happens to everyone. Then there have been the times when I tried to hard to impress my audience. That doesn't work, writing to impress is a lot like dressing to impress, once you start worrying about others and not yourself, it can get uncomfortable, which isn't impressive.

That's sort of what happened this time, I tried to become a brand, and not be me. I wanted to be funny, I wanted my posts to resonate with everyone, or I wanted to get Uhaul to quit screwing with my parents. I wasn't sticking with the mission of this blog, which is "I write for myself and hope I can get a few people to enjoy the ride." I would start writing a post, get a paragraph in and think, who wants to read this slop, and hit delete.

So here we go again, I'm hitting refresh and writing whatever I want, whenever I want, and doing it often. I've realized my mood has been crappy lately, and I think part of that can be attributed to not writing. I used to use Twitter as my outlet, but anymore Twitter has become a communications platform and not a place to just spout off, though I still do that occasionally. I never realized how much I needed to write until recently, so I'm bringing back "Conner's Blog" and getting to work. Well maybe I'm getting back into the playground, since the whole point of this post is that writing here shouldn't be work.