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Is K a C Killer?

It seems like only yesterday that the letter C was all the rage. We had cage, capital, cot, and cane being used everywhere. You couldn't turn your head without running into the curvy letter.

On first look, the Letter K seems to make the letter C seem obsolute. It's straight lines, they way it looks in Helvetica, and the way it rolls of the tongue seem to rival the letter C in every way. It handles words like take, took, kitten, killer, and kiss better than the letter C. K even fits perfectly into Minnesota's favorite football team's unofficial slogan, Skoal Vikings. It seems to be an all purpose fit.

All isn't roses though though. After a few days of playing with K, I discovered it doesn't handle all the words that C can. K can't replace C in replace for instance. Or instance for that matter. It doesn't fit in certain, choice, chance, or mace. It seems K just doesn't have all the features that C does.

In fact sometimes it seems it would be better to have both. Such as in clack, back, cackle, or puck. The C and the K compliment each other so well in those situations it's amazing someone hasn't come out with a letter that can do everything C and K can in one letter.

So is K a C killer? Well not yet. It appears that for now C will continue to have it's place in the market. Maybe the next version of K will be work better than C does in all situations, but for now, users will have to choose between the two based on what they want out of their letter.