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Some Realizations

I've learned a few things about myself the last few weeks. First, I think I finally figured out a negative things living in a really small town caused, I'm recognizing it and working on it. Second, though I work well under stress, when I take that stress home, especially when I don't realize I'm doing it, I kind of go mad. Three, I need to be social, even though staying in is good for the waistline and the budget, it's not good for my mind. I'm a social creature, I can't function when I don't get out. Four, when I go crazy, I really go crazy. Seriously, looking back on some of the things I've done and said during the last four weeks has me a little embarrassed. I didn't do anything that would prevent me from being hired by anyone I'd want to be hired by, but I still kind of frightened myself.

Anyway, I've recognized the issue, am going to work on leaving work stress at work, and am going to focus on hanging out with friends more often. Hopefully this gets me back to being just the right sort of crazy and not the utter nuttiness of the last few weeks. So you no longer have to be afraid to read this blog, I promise. Sort of.

Oh, and number five in the list of things I've come to realize, I need to start exercising again. Biking to and from places just isn't cutting it, I need to work off some excess energy.