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Cat vs. Dog, a Decision

I'm getting a pet you guys!

Ok, I'm not getting one today, in fact I'm not getting one until April. Not because I can't get one today, but because I'm forcing myself to wait until then to make a final decision on whether to get a cat or a dog.

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the type of pet I'm going to adopt. I've made one decision so far, I know I'm adopting from the humane society. Cat or dog is the question.

Reasons to get a cat:

  1. Much more self-sufficient. I can fail to come home after work and not worry about finding presents
  2. No walks in the winter
  3. I don't have to move to a new apartment
  4. Purring
  5. Laser pointer fun

Reasons to get a dog:

  1. I think they have more of a personality
  2. Unconditional love
  3. Girls like cute dogs and I can the dog on walks where girls can be found
  4. I'd get to move to Northeast, South MPLS , or some other awesome new neighborhood
  5. No litter box
  6. I'd be forced to spend more time at home

Ok, so there is much more to this than those things, but since I've giving myself plenty of time, I think I can work it out. The other issue is that I am in the process of looking for a new job. In fact, the last job I applied for would have required me to travel 50% of the time, which would have probably precluded me from getting any pet.

Anyway, I always love hearing people’s thoughts on pets. I'm neither a dog or a cat person. I'd take both at the same time, but not unless I can live in a much larger space than I can probably afford. So, try to convince me either way, I'm listening.