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I Wrote It (or what I learned during Nanowrimo)

I've been trumpeting my success across the Internet, but I can't help it. I finished a novel, 50,000+ words in November. All part of the same story. It was part of National Novel Writing Month, something I had been thinking about for about three years, and was finally talked into.

A few things I learned during this experience:

  • I'm capable of writing a novel.
  • I can churn out a remarkable number of words in a short period of time if I focus
  • You might have created your character's lives, but they still tell you what they are going to do
  • Urban Bean sometimes plays really weird music, but is always a fantastic place to write
  • Quixotic Coffee in St. Paul may pour my favorite cup of coffee in the cities
  • Amber, Art, Emily, Erica, Jen, and Ang are fantastic influences
  • Dragons are not evil, they just look mean
  • Two glasses of wine puts me to sleep, one glass makes me write more
  • My cat allergy has gotten significantly worse over the past two years of not living with a cat
  • Open Office gets really slow when the document is over 40 pages long
  • Dropbox brings piece of mind
  • Writing is hard
  • Cinnamon Raisin toast with really good butter is excellent writing fuel.

Edit: Also, I hate people asking me what my novel is about. Neither my family or my closest friends know, and I might never share it with another soul, ever. And I'm ok with that.