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Vacation (Or what I do when I have no plans)

I had to burn four vacation days before the end of the year or I would lose them. Honestly, nothing would make me cry faster than wasting the opportunity to get paid to do things I enjoy. So I planned to use these days to coincide with Nanowrimo. Amazingly enough I didn't recognize the fact that this fell the week after Thanksgiving. So basically I've had 6 of the last 7 days off and have 4 more days off before I return to the office. Pretty freaking awesome.

So what have I done?

  • Washed all my laundry
  • Cleaned my entire apartment
  • Organized my pantry
  • Celebrated two Thanksgivings
  • Discovered the box of wine in my fridge is no longer drinkable
  • Cleaned my fridge
  • Finished a novel (reading one)
  • Finished a novel (writing one)
  • Got my Washington biography jones going again, I probably read 100 pages the last two days
  • Am in the process of making some killer chicken stock
  • Am also making some bread and rolls
  • Purchased a thermal carafe so I don't have to drink my entire pot of coffee in 30 minutes
  • Discovered the existence of and purchased a butter bell

I probably did other things I've forgotten about, but I've decided I'm taking four days off without any plans every year from here on out. It's been amazing so far.