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Winter's Mean Spirited Embrace

Winter has defeated me. It's true, for the first time in years, I'm sick enough of winter that I'm seriously contemplating getting out and moving somewhere else. But, since I know we are nearing the end, (seriously, it's true) I'm fighting through and will not go crazy. Some things I've learned about myself since succombing to winter's depressive nature.

  • Music can dramatically improve my mood
  • Especially when paired with walking
  • Even when the temperature is in the single digits, walking somewhere instead of busing or driving makes me feel much better about things.
  • I still like to tinker with technology. It's not really a good day until I think I break something.
  • As always, cooking is my favorite activity, I've actually only eaten at a restaurant once in the past week.
  • I love my apartment, finally
  • I still suck at blogging

In reality, the main takeaway from this winter has been that I have to take better care of myself next winter. My two week sickness in January took a lot out of me and I never really recovered. On a positive note, my empty social calendar has led to me accomplishing a lot around the apartment which I had been meaning to do since I moved in. I am actually excited to have people over sometime soon.