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Walking (and getting lost, sort of)

I took this photo on Sunday from one of the skyways over Hennepin. I took it because snow was just starting to fall and the fog over the Hennepin bridge into northeast was really neat. I didn't really capture that, but still loved the way the photo turned out.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been walking a lot to keep winter from totally defeating me. I've probably put more miles on my shoes in the last month than I did the previous three combined. Sunday I had a destination, I had something to return at Target, but after I had accomplished that mission I just started wandering around downtown. I wasn't ready to go home and it was a pretty nice day. I ended up going to see True Grit which was fantastic. I'm finding it fun rediscovering the joy of just walking, I definitely intend on keeping up the walking in the summer, even though I'm crazy excited to get back on the bike.