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Green and Hockey (or how my weekend is going to be epic)

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone. Hope you remembered your green, have a stock of good Irish whiskey and beer on hand, and have a safe and sober ride to wherever you are planning on celebrating today.

Today marks the start of one of my favorite traditions. First, it's the beginning of March Madness. The NCAA's basketball tournament that is, at least in my opinion, the best major sporting event of the year. The fact that it coincides with the start of spring most years might have something to do with this. But there are also the upsets, the ridiculous amount of games happening at the same time, the bracket, and the fact that every year some team wins several games they aren't supposed to.

Then we add the men's WCHA hockey tournament in St. Paul, where the UND Fighting Sioux are the favorites to win the entire tournament, and my sports itch is pretty much scratched until the Twins start playing again. College hockey is one of my favorite sports, and I get to enjoy it with some of my friend's from college. It tends to be a crazy fun weekend regardless of how UND does. This means I'm going to be in downtown St. Paul for St. Patrick's day with no work the next day.

This weekend is one of my favorite's, and I'm ready for it to start. Just four hours of work today and then I get to enjoy my first vacation hours of the year. I'm pretty excited.