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Well Happy Easter

Wait, it's Easter, when did that happen? I thought it was still March. Must be the weather that's confusing me.

"So what are you up to?" you may be asking yourself. Honestly, I don't know. Music and food mostly. I was in Portland for a week, ate way too much food. Have a half written blog post about it too. Have been to several shows, failed in baking a pie, hosted a cheese party, and a few other things.

I also decided to take up running, or at least give it a fair chance. I woke up this morning and was just about to get in the shower, when I remembered I was supposed to run this morning. So I did. I didn't go very far, and I ran a block and walked a block the entire way. Still, I felt pretty good after I was done. And then I did yoga. Very confused, just hoping this keeps up. Would be fun to begin the summer a little healthier.

A few other things. One, I redesigned and relaunched Active First Dates. I rebuilt and redesigned it on top of Wordpress, so I have a lot more functionality. You can even comment on a date idea if you want. Two, I have a couple Minnesota centric web projects in the works. I won't make any promises on the time frames for either one, but I have hope that they will both get launched in the next three to four week. Three, I have a new tumblr I created to share tidbits with the world. It will fill the gap where this blog and twitter intersect. In essence, anything less than 100 words but more than 140 characters.

So that's that. Have a fantastic holiday and see you next time, whenever that may be.