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No-Spend Days (an update)

I've had two people ask me about my no-spend days. At first I was just sort of embaressed, because honestly they didn't happen. Then I thought, hey, blog post idea, I can't pass those up these days.

The truth is, no-spend days were a disaster. Between traveling for work, where I ended up at happy hour almost every day, and my overall lack of planning I didn't accomplish my goals at all. But, now that I've been reminded, I think I am ready to give them a chance again. Only I'm going to modify them a bit.

Instead of planning on spending no money three days a week, I'm going to change to cash only during the week. I'm just going to pick a number out of thin air and say $40 is my limit Monday through Thursday. I'm may even try leaving my check card at home the next few weeks. This means that I have to do a better job of planning. Groceries need to be purchased on Sunday, and if I find I need something, I'm paying cash. I think this is a much better option for me. I'm still able to grab drinks with friends, or go to things like Give and Take. But if I want to eat lunch out, it's one less thing I can do in the evening.

I'm applying a few exceptions right out of the gate:

  • Dates - Same as last time, I'm allowed to break my rule for the sake of my love life.
  • Bills - They have to be paid.
  • $50 a month for groceries. I'm used to going to the grocery store 4-5 times a week, this way I can still randomly decide to roast a chicken on a Tuesday.

I have no idea how this will go, I've never been good at planning my spending in advance, so this could fail just as spectacularly as last time. But I have hope that the few tweaks I've put into place might lead to success. .