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Turbulence (random thoughts inspired by travel)

I had the worst flight of my life today. I had a 7:55 flight from MSP and if you live in Minneapolis you know that around that time we got a bit of a storm. My plane was delayed by about 30 minutes. When we took off the pilot warned us it might be a bit bumpy. It was bumpy all the way to Chicago. I was actually nervous for a bit of the flight. That has never happened before.

I'm in Kansas City for the week for work. We're training in a bunch of new people to do what I do. I've only been doing what I do for about three months. I'm sort of terrified, since I'm going to be leading the training. I'm also not good at training, never have been. When I walk in tomorrow I'm making sure everyone knows they are required to interrupt me once per day to ask me to clarify something. I'm awful about assuming everyone just gets technical stuff. Even though I know this it only helps a little bit.

It's funny that whenever I travel I end up at a Target. It's comfortable. Plus, I can at least pretend some of my travel expenses end up back in Minnesota. It's generally just for breakfast stuff and maybe some bottled water, but I almost always find on.

Rental cars suck. I never feel comfortable in them, even if I've driven the same model in the past. Plus I'm in a somewhat unfamiliar city. I've also come to the realization that no one knows how to adjust side mirrors correctly.

Everyone who complains about The Current needs to travel more. The second you get in a rental car in a different city all you will want to do is turn it to 89.3 and here Mary Lucia. I think every DJ in America is 99% worse than the worst DJ on The Current. Also, radio advertisements make me want to hurl.