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The Cocktail Question

My friend Doniree posted a link to an old post of hers from 2009. (Have I really known her for that long?) It was entitled The Cocktail Question and I immediately remembered discussing this very thing with her back when she posted it. In fact I wrote a fairly boring response to it, though the comments sort of rocked.

So I thought, hey, why not give it another shot? So here goes.

So. What DO I do?

I write on occasion. Not as much as I would like and not well. Yet it doesn't matter because I only write for myself. It's carthetic and helps me make it through the tough weeks.

I read, sometimes a lot, sometimes infrequently. Biographies and fiction mostly. But also a lot of online essays.

I do not work out. I've tried running, yoga, swimming, and even jump rope. None of it sticks. Instead I walk and bike everywhere. Someday I hope to find something that keeps me motivated.

I work for an big insurance company. I build letters, I teach logic, and I fight to make things make more sense. It's a job that is slowly evolving into a career. Which scares me.

I have a lot of friends. People I go to shows with, people I go to dinner with, people I take pictures with, and people I drink with. Most of them fit in all those categories. All of them are great and I probably don't tell most of them that enough.

I have a few great friends. Friends who let me bitch about things that don't matter and never judge. People who would never hold me back and sometimes push me to actually do some of the crazy things I want to do. Friends who I would move the world for.

I love Twitter. I spend a lot of time on it. It's my place to be myself even when I'm in all day meetings where I'm supposed to act professional. For some reason 1,400 people like what I say. This is both a point of pride and point of terror.

I cook, not often enough. I make great risotto and an excellent pizza crust. I do not bake cakes.

I sometimes take pictures. I used to take a lot, but the passion has faded. Which is ok, it was fun, and I now know more about photography than I need to. Plus I made a ton of great friends.

I date and have fun doing it. I used to take it seriously, now it's just fun. No games, no nonsense. Go to the zoo, play bocce ball, see a show, have dinner, drink a few drinks, maybe make out. Whatever. The one is either out there or she isn't. If the worst thing that happens to me in life is I meet a ton of cool women and never fall in head over heals in love I think I'll be better off than a lot of people.

I have political arguments. I have discussions about body oder. I have debates about grass. I learned more doing these things than I ever learned in my 5 years of college.

I play on the web. This site, Garlic and Onion, Active First Dates, and soon a few other sites may magically appear. Or not, it's just a hobby.

I don't sit still. I bike to shows, happy hours, board meetings, farmers markets, festivals, and dinner. I'm rarely home at night and like it that way.

I wear silly t-shirts. I own a lot of them. I like to wear them with hats.

I like adventures. Square dancing, duck tongue and secret bars were some I've had recently.

I don't like detailed plans. I'll be at X place by this time is enough. The best nights start with a destination and end with a glass of whiskey at a bar with a friend you didn't intend on hanging out with but who was just who you needed to see that night.

I like to talk about our food system. My favorite conversations are around food. Most people who have these conversations with me get a little frightened. It is my passion, where it comes from, how we grow it, how we prepare it, how much of it we consume, and what it tastes like. I love these questions.

I'm rarely late and sometimes too early.

I love food trucks, not just the food, but the whole concept. A mobile restaurant that serves food to people on the street. Neighborhoods can be built this way. Communities can get to know each other.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Graduated in a class of 7. I wouldn't trade in that experience. I'm lucky I had parents who never made me scared of the world even though I didnt' get to experience a lot of it growing up.

I'm learning to make good cocktails. I'm teaching myself how to host parties. I'm always terrified I'm going to disappointed my guests.

I never want to grow up so I don't have to answer the question about what I want to be when I grow up.