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I don't know if anything frustrates me as much as having an amazing idea while I'm at work and not being able to get to work on it right away. This happened today. Actually, what happened is I figured out the next steps in implementing an idea I've been slowly incubating for the last month. I think this was actually worse.

Regardless, I find this happens to me more and more as I get involved in more things outside of work. It used to be I would go to work and just think about work, and probably what I was having for my next meal. Now when I sit down at my desk, start working on my projects and apparently my brain is constantly working on problems that are completely unrelated to the task at hand. Suddenly an idea will pop into my brain and it's all I can do not to grab the MacBook and head for the nearest coffee shop to code, design, research, or whatever the idea happens to require.

A lot of ideas have been lost over the last few years due to this. But as it became more frequent, I started working on systems to prevent idea loss due to being trapped at work. I always have a blank text document open. If I come up with a great idea I take the time to type up whatever I can and then save it to my Dropbox account. Then when I open my Mac at home I can open up the folder and see what ideas I generated while at the office.

But even with this system I still feel trapped when it happens. There I am with this idea flying around the inside of my head like a cat on catnip and I can't do anything about it. It's painful.

So the question I ask my readers, how do you deal with being trapped with a big idea?