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Sometimes I Walk

Sometimes I walk
I step out my front door, no destination, no place to be
It's summer, a breeze rustles the leaves
Sounds of kids playing, dogs barking, and people laughing
Spinning mind starts to slow
I find a thread and follow it for a block or two
It calms me, watching the sidewalk retreat beneath my feet

I walk
Thoughts I had, worries, frustrations pounding at my skull stop
I focus on the grass, the flowers, the trees.
On catching the eye of a pretty girl who passes, saying hi
Not to meet her but just because
I watch the street pass on my left

I make plans and toss them aside
Archive ideas, remember snippets of the weekends conversations
I stop for a snack
Flirt with the barista
Wave as I walk out

I pretend I'm in Paris or New York or the woods
I long to leave the city
It passes
I embrace the sounds, the smells, the people, the activity
I remember why I love it
I walk on streets I had forgotten
Had never seen, had only driven down

I wave at my neighbors
Check my mail
Look back and smile

Sometimes I walk but I should walk more

I'm late to the #30daysofcreativity project, but I decided to join.