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Weird Food

The other day I posted to Twitter the idea of starting up a reoccurring event call Weird Food Wednesdays. The idea was to get together with a few friends, four or five at the max, and try some of the unusual food that is available in restaurants around the Twin Cities. This prompted an interesting take on what food is is weird.

The whole idea of this event came about the week before. My family had been in town over the weekend. My family isn't a timid bunch, but when we had dinner at Tilia, the idea of trying escargot didn't win the night. I would have ordered it in a heartbeat, but since I live here and can go back and try it anytime I want, I didn't push it. Additionally, I went to dinner at The Bachelor Farmer last Saturday and noticed they had bread and marrow on their menu. I was intrigued but my date wasn't exactly sold, so I passed with the promise to regale her with tales of how delicious it was when I went back without her.

This means that my list of dishes for this event contains escargot and marrow. Neither of which is really that odd to me, even if I haven't tried either of them before. The label of weird was applied only due to the fact that when I saw the on a menu for the first time, my dining companions thought I was a bit odd for wanted to come back and try them. Interestingly enough when I brought up escargot, the dish I consider the odder of the two, at least one Twitter follower claimed she didn't think it was weird.

I guess that proves the point that weird food is relative. Which means that my little club will probably involve a healthy amount of debate as to what is weird enough to put on the list. Which is really half the reason I want to start this club.