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Retaking the Internet

This past week I sat down and did some serious thinking about my online presence. I did a review and realized that along with this blog, MSP Street Food, and Active First Dates, I had another four domains I was attempting to provide content for. On top of that I have at least two other projects currently in the pipeline that I hope to launch by the end of this year. Things were getting a little out of hand.

After considerable thought, I made a few decisions. This blog will once again be my central repository for my online postings. Whether writing about food, technology, or my day to day activities, these things will happen here. This means that I'm shuttering Garlic and Onion. I'll be slowly moving a few of the posts from over there to this site. Thankfully I never did get into the food blogging mentality so it won't take long. I'm also shuttering my two technology domains. I have a grand plan for these domains, but it won't be happening for at least a year or two. I also closed and turned it into a personal URL shortening service, and will be using as a utility domain.

So as of this moment, my online presence is a lot more structured. I also redesigned this blog to let me use it in some interesting ways. If you follow the site you'll notice photo and food posts will look a bit different than other posts. I have the ability to easily change add additional formats if my needs grow as well. WordPress does make my life easier.

Anyone who finds themselves in control of multiple domains for personal use should reevaluate their online presence every two or three years. Those of us who live and breathe the Internet tend to start multiple projects, see where they go and drop them. Closing these sites down and collecting deserving works in one place is a good thing. Internet housekeeping goes beyond Googling yourself once in a while; like spring cleaning, occasionally the dust bunnies need to be blown away.