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On Twitter - A Look Back

During the redesign of this blog, I put a bit of effort into my archives view. Instead of a drop down list of months I created a single page broken down by month with every single post I have published to this blog. Not only does this give someone who doesn't know anything about me a place to discover some of my older writing (I haven't decided if this is a good thing or not), I got to look over some of my old titles and of course clicked on a few.

This led me to a post entitled How Twitter brought me back to Social Networking. I had forgotten about this post, but not about the sentiment behind it. A quote from the post goes "my network started to grow, I now have 33 followers, and have updated almost 200 times". Those numbers are quite a bit bigger now, as of the time this post was written I have 1,474 followers, have updated 27,879 times and follow just over 1,000 people. I've met hundreds of followers offline and some of my best friends were met through Twitter.

The sentiment of the old post was that Twitter got me interested in being social online again. If I was to rewrite that post today, I'd conclude that Twitter got me interested in being social offline. It's amazing the power 140 characters can have.