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Nicknames I've Had

ET – My dad came out of the delivery room and told my family “we have an ET”. My parents dressed me as ET for Halloween at one point too.

Conway - The first nickname I can remember first hand. It started around 2nd grade and I think it was in reference to Conway Twitty. It didn’t stick.

Conman – The nickname I've been called the longest. I still get called this from time to time. I think it started somewhere around third or fourth grade. My Yahoo! name is still conman34 and I somehow won an online auction where this was my display name.

Connie - I believe this was coined around my freshman year of high school. When I went to college I was excited to leave it behind. Unsurprisingly, a high school friend started at my school during my junior year and resuscitated it. I hated it at first, but realized shortly after it came back that I didn’t care. Proof that you actually do get a tiny bit wiser with age.

Corndog and Corncock – My friend Josh was always coming up with nicknames and I’m pretty sure he came up with both of these our freshman year of college. I think he’s still the only one who calls me either of these.

Coon - I worked at a Village Inn during my college years. One night I went to put my phone number in my friend Leeanna's phone as I was leaving work, I got frustrated with her phone's keyboard and ended up typing it incorrectly and just left it as Coon. She still calls me this, 8 years later

King of Town – My friend Shanna coined this term after a weekend where everywhere we went I was running into someone I knew. It’s a running joke between the two of us. Unfortunate it hasn’t caught on outside of our friendship. I want my red carpet and crown, damn it.

Dex - The significant other called me this on our first date. She occasionally drops this into conversations when she feels I’m being ridiculous in some way.

* There is a 76% possibility I’m mistaken about this and my mom will comment in the next day or so to tell me I’m crazy.