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Facebook and My Car

Something happened today that made me realize something. In some ways, my Facebook profile is as important to me as my car. That may seem like a bold comment, and I should note that if both Facebook and my car disappeared overnight, I'd be a lot more upset about my car. But at the end of the day, they both serve several purposes, and one of them is that they reflect who I am.

I've never really worried too much about how my car looks. I keep it clean, but I don't spend hours making sure it's spotless every week. But I do know that when I walk to my car after talking to someone, if they see what vehicle I'm getting into, they are going to draw some conclusion. I like to think it says that I'm economical and good at taking care of things since I drive an older vehicle that's in good shape. I could be completely wrong about this, but that's the image I want my car to portray, even if it's not something I put a lot of effort into or think about more than two times a year.

What does this have to do with Facebook? Well Facebook is another place where people draw conclusions about you. If you post nothing but pictures of you partying and you friend a co-worker, they probably are going to wonder if you sleep. If you only post photos of your dog, people will think that maybe you need to get out a bit more. People are going to draw conclusions based on what's on your profile

What does this mean? It means that even if you don't care about your Facebook profile. You should respect other people's profile. Just like you wouldn't randomly put a bumper sticker with a crude comment on your friend’s car, you shouldn't post something on your friends Facebook profile that you wouldn't post on your mother's wall. This isn't saying don't disagree with me, but remember that whatever someone else see's on my profile is going to reflect on me a little bit. So think before you post, and make the world a better place.

I realize this entire post probably makes it appear I spend hours worrying about my Facebook profile. This isn't true. But when someone leaves a comment that adds absolutely no value to the original post, and makes me look like a 13 year old boy, I apparently get upset. And let's be honest, these same rules apply anywhere, including this blog.