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2012 Goals

It may be early, but I feel like it's time. Plus once I write these down I'm sure to come up with fifty more in no time.

  • Master three kinds of bread. I made sourdough last week and it worked out well, I also want a good basic sandwich bread recipe, and a great whole wheat recipe.
  • Learn another programming language. I've gotten to be pretty good at PHP and am ready to add another language to the tool kit. Leaning toward Python, but haven't decided yet.
  • Take a design course. I have a reasonable grasp of what a good design looks like, but couldn't tell you why if you suspended me over a vat of acid. I need to remedy this.
  • New job - I've been saying this every year for a long time. I'm not sure if I've ever put it in writing. I need to move on and find a new challenge. Not because what I'm doing isn't challenging, but because it doesn't intrigue me. Working hard just to get paid is not something I'm good at.
  • Get back to Montana more than once, I'm going home for Christmas this year, I need to make it home at least twice next year. When I moved here I told myself I'd make it home occasionally, I haven't really kept that promise.
  • Start learning Spanish, or at least another language. I find it embarrassing that I've never been able to read or speak any language other than English, I need to remedy that.
  • Own the street food scene - I'm working on this, I will be the go to person for Street Food in the Twin Cities.
  • Keep in touch with friends - This last year I sort of reverted to 2009 status and became an introvert again. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it also meant I lost touch with some great people. Time to remedy that.
  • Travel for fun - Even if it's just a road trip to Chicago, I need to go somewhere just for fun.
  • Start exercising again - I didn't bike nearly enough this year and didn't replace that with any other form of exercise. I need to figure something out.
  • Stretch more, read more, laugh more, drink more champagne, eat brunch more, sing at karaoke more, call more friends, drink more wine, make more cocktails, and in general, enjoy life more.