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MN Reading List Updates 5/4/2009

Since I've moved my reading list over to a page I decided I should start posting occasional updates in post format when I've added a few new blogs. I'm going to try and update when I have ten or so additions. So here is the first update, we'll see what happens.

First I have a few food and beverage related blogs that need to be shared

I have to say, the more I dig into the Twin Cities food blogging scene, the more impressed I get. It kind of makes my attempt look sad.

Finally a few more multi-purpose sites.

  • Mullet Like Me - A normal guy grows a mullet and decides to write about it. If your wondering...yes it's humerous.
  • Zipbag of Bones - I followed her on Twitter for a long time before I found her blog, she's just as clever in more than 140 characters.
  • synapsecollapse - A smattering of fun content from around the web. Also someone I've followed for quite a while.
  • Powderhorn365 - A project documenting the history of the Powderhorn Neighborhood through photos.
  • Streets for People - A site promoting the use of streets for humans and not dead steel.
  • 50000000 Sparber Fans Can’t Be Wrong - Max Sparber’s personal blog

So there you have it, do you like this format, let me know here and as always, if you want your blog included in my list, leave a comment on the list and I'll see what I can do.

Occasionally the Music Video...

My Photo is Famous

Today I decided it was about time I did a Google search for my name. I think it's a good idea to see what the internet is telling the world about you and try and do this once every 3-4 months. There wasn't anything too surprising this time. This site is the top site for my full name, my first name alone doesn't register anything about me in the first few pages.

I did stumble across one interesting tidbit that was kind of neat. CNBC published a list of new stadiums going up across the country. The new Twins stadium is mentioned and apparently they couldn't find any good photos becuase they used one of mine. They didn't link back to my page on Flickr, but they did use my name as the source; as my photo is Creative Commons licensed this is fine. I thought it was a pretty cool discovery for a Monday afternoon.


It's May Day, Friday, and I'm going fishing this weekend. All in all, today is a good day. I thought I would start the weekend off with some fun. Here are a few signs I saw in Spokane.

This the logo of Thomas Hammer coffee. They appear to be almost as popular as Caribou in Spokane. I didn't try their coffee, but I have so say I really like their sign hanging in downtown Spokane.

This made me laugh and then I remembered to snap a photo. I have no idea if they actually had three banjos in stock, but even if they didn't it's a great way to catch people's attention.

This caught my eye only because this warning was located everywhere. I don't know if March of Dimes canvased the entire city to get these posted or if it's a state law that this warning has to be posted if alcohol is served. All I know is that every bar and restaurant seemed to have it somewhere near the entrance.

Duct Tape Tech Solutions

The last few weeks I had been fighting the itch to search for a new job. When I say fighting, I mean it, I'm content in my current job. I have a secure position which is something I'm thankful for every day. I get to help people and get a few really nice perks that would be hard to give up.

But I tend to get the urge to search for jobs occasionally. A few things recently prompted this latest search; first, one of my best friends had an interview a few weeks ago for a new position, second, Emily wrote about her recent job browsing. Those things, along with the fact that until I got this job I was job hunting for 18 months straight. When you are looking for a job for that long, you tend to keep your eyes open, even if you really don't need to look.

So last night I finally gave in and jumped on a few job search sites to see what is out there. Looking through job listings I realized a few things. First, most job postings are written by people with little marketing skill or by a someone using MadLibs and a collection of buzzwords. Second, as far as I can tell there aren't any jobs that excite me. I would love to get back into a full time technology job. The funny thing is, I wish I could do what I currently do in my present job in my downtime for a full time gig. Right now, I basically just put together little tools that solve everyday problems.

The last thing I put together was a little app that backed up some settings that are pretty vital to productivity but our Help Desk won't help anyone back up. We had a rash of computers fail recently and everyone was a little panicked about losing these settings. It took me about 15 minutes to put it together and if anyone needs to use it, it will easily save them 15 minutes of headaches trying to get things back to where they had them prior to a crash.

So what do I want in a job? I think I would love to work for a larger company. I want to be separate from the IT department and work directly with every other employee. This way I could see their every day frustrations or time wasters. Instead of putting them into a business process needs document, I could just sit down and try to solve the problem using the multitude of free tools available.

Now I know this will never happen, once a company gets large enough for a position like this to be viable, management is going to be worried about "security", "support", and "measurable results" all things that this wouldn't really offer. But, if someone is looking for a "Duct Tape Tech Solutions Creator" for your company, let me know, I would love to put my skills to work for you.

Image Courtesy Flickr user Muffet.


In the spirit of writing a bit more about the food I make, here is a simple, quick, and tasty enchilada recipe. I got the basics of this recipe from a co-worker. Her husband says it's his favorite meal she cooks. I don't know if my first attempt made them my favorite. But they are definitely going into my, "I need a quick comfort meal" recipe box.
Here is the basic ingredients.

  • Can of enchilada sauce
  • No beans chili
  • Chicken stock
  • Cheese
  • Tortillas

That's it, you can fill them with whatever you want. I used some fresh chicken breasts I had picked up at the Wedge, marinated them for about a half-hour in lime juice and some Adobe seasoning I had purchases at Penzeys my first weekend in my new apartment. I didn't make tortillas like I normally would have. I was too tired having woken up at 5:00(CST) to fly out of Spokane earlier in the day.

The girl I got the recipe from said she soaks her tortillas in chicken stock before rolling them, I didn't have enough stock, and didn't feel like thawing out the stock I had in the freezer so I rolled them dry. I topped them with Colby and Monterey-jack cheese and some green onions, baked at 350 for about 25-30 minutes, and served with sour cream and guacamole. I'll admit I ate one too many and they were just as tasty the next night.

So what do you think, will you give these a try? Are there any other enchilada recipes you think I should know about?

Wednesday Where #20

Hey, I'm back, and though I may not be on Twitter or writing anything, I'm still going to get out the 20th Where? First, last weeks Where? received no guesses. It was taken in the Richard T. Anderson Park off Flying Cloud Drive in Eden Prairie.

This week's is a bit closer to home. So give it a whirl, you have nothing to lose.

Happy hump day guessing.

I'm Back, Sort of

Ok, I'm not quite back yet. I'm sitting in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight to Minneapolis to board. After allowing myself to go disconnected for four days I'm feeling a little out of the loop. That said, I had a great time and have decided these mini-vacations need to happen more regularly. Taking a few days off and not bothering to check Twitter, email, or my reader was nice.

The only problem I see is what this screen shot shows. I came back to almost 400 unread items, an Inbox full of mostly crap, and a ton of spam comments. Thankfully I should be able to sleep on the plane and plow through most of this today. Then I have almost 400 photos to look through.

Anyway, it's great to be back, I had a great time, and am actually looking forward to getting back into the routine

On Vacation

Posting will be either light or nonexistent for the next 4-5days. Today is my last day of work for the week, and tomorrow I fly to Spokane, WA to attend my cousin's wedding. I'm sticking around Spokane for a few days after the wedding and just hanging by myself. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do, but I'm not going to do much, I'm just going to enjoy being out of town and not working for a few days. This is the first break I've had from work since January, and that was when I had my ER trip, so hopefully this trip will go a bit better.

My camera is coming with me, so I should bring back some photos to share. Everyone have a great weekend and I'll see you all next week.

Wednesday Where #19

Wow, we are approaching the 20th entry into this series. That is a record for me.

So in keeping with the new format, last week's Where? is the tower above 1010 W Lake Street.

This weeks Where? seems like it would be harder than last weeks, but considering no one guessed maybe this one will be easier.

I'm going to give one hint for this one becuase it's a bit off the beaten path. It's near an a local airport.

Note: If you visit the site to comment, you can check out my new theme I activated yesterday. I would love your comments on that along with your guess.