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Art is Wrong (Twincy Is Dumb)

Apparently, Art is still confused and thinks Twincy is a cool way to talk about Minneapolis/St. Paul. He is wrong. His reasons may seem sound but I'm going to break them in two over my leg like Bo Jackson breaking a baseball bat.

Equity: Art says msp is improper because it gives St. Paul an extra character. Well boo hoo, last time I looked St. Paul is the capital city, it deserves its place in the sun.

Specificity: It is true that MSP is the airport designation for the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. However, this is an easy fix. When talking about the Twin Cities just use lower case letters. It makes more sense to use an airport designation so outsiders know what we are referring to. As someone from Jacksonville, what MSP stands for and they will most likely know. Ask what Twincy means and they will probably think you are talking about an obscure sex act.

Uniqueness: This is another poor argument. MSP is widely used, it's used by Amtrak and every airline in the world. Out of all the cities in the world, only the Minneapolis/St. Paul area can use the MSP designation. Twincy is unique only because it's stupid and no one wants it.


It's coming, and you can feel it everywhere. Just driving around and you can tell people have chosen to stay home today. Gas stations have an almost subdued feeling. Everyone is thinking, I'm going to be at work and then spend 4 hours driving home. Late winter snow storms throw everyone off. I'm stuck in the eastern suburbs today for work until noon, then I'm making a mad dash back to Burnsville. Hopefully I'll miss the worst of it and will be able to enjoy being snowed in. A stop at Cub for pasta supplies and a movie and I'll be ready for the night.

In other news I added a few things to my mp3 player this morning. MPR's member drive generally forces me to listen to my own collection as the Current lacks is normal awesomness. I put on some older Tool, The Offspring, No Doubt, Bush and the Stone Temple Pilots. It's bringing me back to my first years of high school. I just randomly chose 1996 and went with albums from that year. It's something I should do more often.

Enjoy the storm, if we get the full 8" tomorrow is going to be fun.

Movement in the Thaw

What is the deal Minnesota, our sports teams have been taken over by aliens. At least that's the only explanation I can come up with for the moves that have happened in 3 of the big 4 sports franchises. I've lived here for 2 years and nothing close to this has happened in that time. Maybe the front offices forgot to pay their heating bills, froze, and are just now thawing out.

The Timberwolves

The Wolves might not have made big headlines, but they made a move I wanted them to make before the season began. They traded away Rashad McCants and another dead weight contract. They didn't get much back, though I think Sheldon Williams could turn into a solid contributer. McCants will always put up numbers if he gets minutes, but his teams will never be winners. I liked this move and consider it addition by subtraction.

The Vikings

Ok, this deal hasn't officially been completed yet, but it looks like the Vikings are going to get Sage Rosenfels for a 4th round pick. This is a move that I really like. Not that the team is perfect, but a big part of the issues last year was because of inferior QB play. Gus Ferotte won some games, but he lost just as many. Tarvaris has occasional shown flashes of brilliance, but he definitely isn't the answer for the leader of the football team. Getting a solid young quarterback who can grow alongside A.P. is huge. They don't need to pay him top money for his position, which means they may be able to upgrade one of the offensive line positions.

The Twins

This is the move that I liked the most. Signing a player like Crede to a good contract is exciting. I was ok with them giving him a guaranteed 7 million for the year, but the Twins stuck to their guns and came back with a much better deal that won't hurt them nearly as much if his isn't healthy. Having a solid power hitter in both corners of the infield will be great, and his defense fits right in with the Twins program. Really the best thing about this deal is seeing the Twins front office defrost itself and actually make a move that might pay off. It's been too many years since they did anything more than sign aging stars and trade away our best talent. Hopefully this move works and they continue to try and improve my favorite team.

The Wild

I'm just appalled by this team. Something has to happen, and hopefully seeing the other three teams make a move will force them to take action. They need a new head coach and probably a new GM. It doesn't require a high hockey IQ to see something needs to change. For a team that hasn't had to worry about selling out a game since they came into existence, they haven't done much to repay the loyalty of their fans.

Changes are Near

It's a brand new beginning for me next month. First, my office is moving to a new location. Our current building is awful, it's dingy, dirty, and cluttered. The building was build sometimes in the 70s and nothing has been updated since. In fact it's so bad that when I first interviewed for the position I considered turning it down, not because of the job but because I couldn't imagine working in the environment.

Next weekend though we move into a new office. I haven't seen it yet, but from the few photos we've seen and from our management's description, it's going to be really nice. It's located right across the street from the Mall of America so there will be lunch and happy hour options within walking distance. We also have a cafeteria in the building which will be wonderful. It will be a change, but a good change.

The following weekend I get the keys to my new apartment. I know I wrote about this previously, but I had been looking for a place for myself. Well I found it, I'm moving to Uptown and can't wait. I found a place just down the block from The Bulldog and Common Roots. It's within walking distance of so many great locations that I'm positive that even with the additional food and beer I'll consume living there, the lack of driving will outweigh my calorie intake. It's an older building, but the landlord is in the process of renovating the entire apartment, including an new bathroom, new kitchen, and new floors. It's going to be an adjustment to the budget while I'm getting used to the higher rent and paying for utilities, but it's going to be worth it.

Hopefully no other big changes happen in March, the two that are planned will be enough.

Wednesday Where #13

Another summertime photo. Yeah, I'm digging into my archives to stave of insanity, deal with it. I'm guessing this one is solved before noon, but we'll see. I never know what to expect from my readers.

The best part about these photos is that soon I'll be able to post recent photos that include green grass and sunshine.

In Search of Guac

I made guacamole last night and it didn't turn out to my satisfaction. I decided to share this piece of unfortunate news with Twitter and wow did I stir up a conversation.

I have more ideas for guacamole than I have brain cells now. First here is the recipe I generally follow.

  • 2-3 Avacados
  • garlic
  • tomato
  • onion
  • fresh lime juice
  • Salt (course, either Kosher or sea)

If it's available and I know everyone who I will be serving likes it, I will usually add cilantro.

Now apparently guacamole is incredibly diverse. Here are a few suggestions I got on Twitter and ones I found on-line. I had heard of some of these, but some were new to me.

  • A squeeze of orange
  • lemon juice
  • egg
  • chili peppers
  • cumin
  • hot pepper sauce
  • chunky salsa
  • green onion

I'm now craving guacamole so I may need a trip to the grocery store for some supplies. Any other suggestions for guacamole ingredients.

Outside the Loop

This week has been a disappointment. First I was sick on Monday and Tuesday and missed the two warmest days of the week, second I didn't win Blitzen Trapper tickets from on Twitter. Not that I was expecting to, but honestly would it have killed Lady Luck to throw me a bone. I mean winning something is a stated goal of mine this year and Blitzen Trapper tickets would have kept me content for 10 years. Wednesday, I spent the day running reports and creating Excel spreadsheets for my boss. It was nice to have something productive to do, but data entry and me are kind of like sodium chloride and water, I just get the urge to jump out and cause havoc after about 3 minutes.

That evening my friend Jason, whose wife is out of town this weekend, calls me and says "Let's do something this weekend" Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be married, but since 93.88% of my friends are either married or on the verge of marriage, it's nice when I can just hang out with one of the guys without their better half. Of course I said "hell yes" and then promptly realized I have no f'ing clue what is going on this weekend.

I'll admit I'm not one of those people who can tell you that Steve Filek is playing at the Pale Grey Jazz club on Thursday evening starting at 8:33, but I usually have a vague idea o fthings to do on the weekend. I don't always attent them but at least I know about them. It was a little disheartening to realize that just two days of not blogging or Twittering had left me out of the loop. I keep hoping to stumble across something in the blogs this week, but so far nothing has come about. Honestly, how did people function before the whole information revolution? Don't tell me they looked at dead trees to plan their weekends?

Wednesday Where? #12

I've been slacking, not only did I not complete last weeks hints, but I had a brain fart and forgot it was Wednesday. I blame it all on being sick. Thankfully I got a friendly reminder on Twitter so I got this up today. Take a guess.

Hope you enjoy the green grass. I had to dig into my archives for a photo that wasn't obvious yet I still knew the location of.

Weather and Politics or Why Minnesota is Driving me Crazy

I’m going to move soon, only I’m moving in the wrong direction. I’ve decided I need to pack up and head south. I went through this stage last year after spring took too long to get here, but this year it’s not just the weather making me consider leaving the great state of Minnesota.

True, the weather has been annoying. Granted, days where the sun shines and the temps get above 40 are great. The problem with Minnesota spring is the tease before it actually arrives. I know it's coming every year, but it still gets to me. I'm not sure how to cope, I was going to fly south in February earlier this year, but I decided to spend my money smartly and pay down some debt instead. On top of that, I ended up getting sick this Saturday and staying in bed Sunday and Monday. This meant I missed most of the nice weather this week. I know I just need to get over it but still, if anyone knows how to combat the annoyance of the Minnesota pseudo-spring please let me know.

However, the weather is not the main reason I’m on the verge of renting a U-haul. It's our messed up congressional situation. By now, everyone and his or her pet bird know we still do not have a second Senator. If you don't know about the two imbeciles who basically tied you should set your time machine for 2009 and come join us. I haven't written about it because I don't think either Franken or Coleman deserve the seat, but the law is the law. It's just sad it's going to be six months into the term before Minnesota has a full voice in the Senate

You would think that the recount would be enough idiocy. But no, Michelle Bachman, who proved herself crazy during the run up to the general election has opened her mouth again. This time instead of accusing members of Congress of holding anti-American views, she is claiming we are running out of rich people. I am not sure what to say to this. Good? Waaa? WTF? I had forgiven her district for re-electing her, but honestly what were those people thinking. It's a mystery to me how someone like this got elected, and how she continues to hold onto that seat.

You can see my dilemma, first I have to put up with Minnesota weather, something I came to terms with before I moved here. Like other Minnesotans though, complaining about the weather is just what we do. I did think this congressional thing was different, until I thought about it a bit and realized that I did move to the state that elected Jesse Ventura governor. It was then that I realized I had made my own bed, and would stick with this state through the winters and the elections. It may be a little messed up, but Minnesota knows how to combat the insanity.

Dear Blog

I'm not trying to ignore you. I know it feels like I am lately, but I really think about you all the time. The problem is that I just don't feel like anything interesting has happened to me lately. Now don't take that to mean I'm sitting at home watching TV and not leaving the house. It's actually the exact opposite. I've been having a blast. Last weekend I went tubing at Afton Alps, spent the evening at PF Changs and Southdale. In fact I almost ran into a fellow Twitterer at the Apple Store. That had been preceded by a Tweetup at Grumpy's where I met a group of people I knew from the Internet only and who I now know in what some call real life (like it's better than Twitter, ha).

Speaking of Grumpy's, apparently I put that on my MN todo list so that has been crossed off. It was definitely a cool place. Of course since they serve Surley that could have been part of it's charm. Anytime you have a Furious or a Bender in hand your going to be apt to consider your location downright awesome. I wasn't as happy with the mini-tacos as I thought I would be. I guess my tastes have changed since high school.

I also went back to the Herk on Tuesday this week. I didn't eat again as I has just spent the weekend eating out, but the beer was good again. I hung out with Drew and a few of his friends who were playing shuffleboard. I was only in uptown because I was looking at a new apartment. Which brings me to the next thing I have going on, I'm trying to find a new place to live. Though my current living situation is good, it's time to move on. I'm looking for a one bedroom or a large studio, somewhere near uptown or downtown. I've only looked at one place, and I'm going to take my time.

Last night was another great night, I started out at the ACME comedy club, meeting with a new young professionals group that I had developed a website for. I will admit to not being overwhelmed by the presentation that was being given, but as I ended up walking in late due to work and traffic I can't judge it too harshly. I met a few people, but I had the Twestival to get to and I was excited to meet some more of the people I communicate with daily in person. So, after having a beer and chatting for a bit I headed up the road to Moto-i. I had a blast hanging out with fellow Tweeple. It's nice to finally have a face to put to the tweets you read, and it's fun adding people to your list after having a conversation instead of adding them based on their last two 140 character thoughts.

So yeah, I've been busy, but it isn't an excuse to neglect you. I remember chatting with Emily and Bill a bit regarding changing how you write due to getting more readers. At the time I didn't think I would fall into that trap, but as my reader count increased I started to try and be more interesting or funny. But what I need to remember is the reason I started this site wasn't to entertain everyone else, but to give me a place to write whatever I want. I even put it in my About page. So I'm going to try harder to attend to you more frequently that on Wednesdays.

Thanks for putting up with me.


Conner McCall