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How Would You Write This?

Not to make light of the situation But I couldn't help but wonder what the person who wrote the except was thinking. "He is dead" isn't exactly wrong but wouldn't it have sounded better to write "A pedestrian in Queens was killed after being struck by an S.U.V. and dragged by a van. "

I don't know why this bothered me, I may even be wrong and the excerpt was written correctly. How would you have written the excerpt?

Wednesday Where? #11

It another edition is up and this one shouldn't be too difficult. Hope you enjoy the photo, I had to dig it out of my archive becuase I neglected to find an interesting photo op this weekend.

Leave your guess in the comments and I'll post hints as the week goes by.


It's Monday and I thought the day was going to go well, but every time I go to CNN or turn on the radio, I find more and more things frustrating me.

The US Congress is driving me up a ******* wall. What is wrong with the Republican Party. They want tax cuts for people who don't have jobs and businesses that are failing. Have any of these idiots read about this project called the New Deal. It was successful if I remember my 8th grade history class at all. In fact, Obama's stimulus package reminds me of a few different things times this country has spent money to bring it back from a steep cliff. The New Deal is of course a recent example, but the Reconstruction Era after the Civil war didn't only focus on reestablishing Congressional representation and abolishing slavery. It also required a large chunk of capital to rebuild the war ravaged South that was behind technologically before the war even started.

We gave Obama the largest winning percentage in recent history, yet our Republican representatives don't seem to care one bit about the will of the people. All they care about is pretending they are being fiscally sound and fighting the Democrats every step of the way. My memory may be failing me but we tried using tax cuts to keep the economy going and that failed spectacularly. We need to get people back to work so they can pay taxes. It does not do any good to be fiscally conservative if every day that you don't spend money your income slowly dries up.

I am not saying Democrats plan is perfect, but getting people back to work is the key to solving this problem. Once the economy is back on track we can start chopping things off the budget, but until then paying people to work is the only solution that has a proven success rate.

Sunrise 2/6/2009

The sunrise was amazing this morning, though I wasn't aware of it until I saw an update on Twitter. So I threw on a jacket and ran outside with my camera.

I was not prepared to jump in my car and find a better location, but at least I was able to capture the colors.

Thoughts and Links 2/5 Edition

So much to read, so little time. Here is a new bunch of links to keep you from that project your supposed to be working on.

  • We Got Served reviews Birchwood cafe, I've been thinking of making the trip to try it out and this definitly didn't change my mind.
  • Emily sent me here and I just had to re-post Jess's found note.
  • Ginger describes the mood around Best Buy Corporate since the layoff announcements.
  • The Foshay Tower is one of my favorite buildings in Minneapolis and this photo is great.
  • Paul gives us a bit of the history of the Minneapolis mass transit system before buses ruled the world. He also gives us photos of lounging bears.
  • Another reminder that outdoor Twins baseball is going to be awesome.
  • Submit your ideas on what to do with the space near the Guthrie in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Ed details the gaming of Digg by Village Voice.
  • Reuben shows us one of the perils of biking in winter.
  • You've probably already seen it, but News Cut links to the Blagojevich-Letterman interview.
  • Coke is dropping the classic from their label. It's about time since kids these days weren't born when New Coke hit the streets.
  • If you don't get this set of graphs, your not nearly as geeky as I am.
  • I love this photo of a winter sunset over the cities.
  • Katie takes a tour of the St. Paul winter market. I didn't know this existed and am excited to check it out soon.
  • Unnecessary proposals aren't new to Congress, but this one is just dumb.
  • Finally, Cheap Healthy Good has a recipe that mimics the egg McMuffin. I've made something similar to this before, but never quite went to these extremes.

Hope your week is going well, and if you are on Twitter, I'm looking forward to meeting you tonight or next Thursday.

Wednesday Where? #10

Here is this week's photo. I was in a rush so I didn't get a very good sho. If the weather does what it's supposed to I'll be out all weekend which should result in some good photos. I hadn't seen this mural before yesterday and really liked it. Go ahead and guess away.

Please don't judge the mural painters, they didn't know that fish were actually cute sea kittens.

The Stone Arch Bridge

As I stated before, I braved the 40 degree weather on Saturday. Along with the photos of the playful tiger, I also stopped by the Stone Arch Bridge. I took a bunch of photos but these were my favorites.

A unique view of the bridge. It shows off the oddity of the bridge's shape.

I've always been curious to the story of this support in the middle of the river. It looks so forlorn sitting out there by itself.

I only took this because the sky was so blue. It didn't turn out quite like I expected but I still like the depth the bridge gives the shot.

Another Plinky Answer

I once received a radar detector from my mother for Christmas. I kept it but never used it, I rarely speed so it generally just used it to see how accurate it actually was. I think she gave it to me because my brother was constantly getting speeding tickets. Maybe she just wanted me to get home from college sooner.

Photo:Speed of Light by John Talbot (jpctalbot)

25 Things About Me

This has been going around Facebook and I got tagged. Decided I could use it as an excuse for a cop out post since I cross post to Facebook.

  1. I have a really weird fear of lakes, it's completely irrational and I can overcome it, but I sometimes panic when I drive over them, am in a boat, or swimming.
  2. I used to read a ton, so much that I remember my mom telling me it was a problem because I wasn't helping out enough around the house. Now I barely read a book a month because I spend my day reading news and blogs online.
  3. I graduated high school with 6 other people, I've only talked to 3 of them in the last year.
  4. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with friends, and I've lost touch with some really good friends because of this.
  5. I love trying new foods, and will try almost anything. Still, I will not under any circumstances try Lutifisk or Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  6. I'm not very close to my two brothers, I love them both but we've never been really good friends.
  7. I enjoy my alone time, though occasionally I will just have to be around people, regardless of whether I know them.
  8. My taste in music has gone through a complete metamorphosis in the last year. Few of my friends have heard of my favorite bands.
  9. I'm intensely shy if I'm not in the right situation. One on one or in a place where I'm surrounded by people I know me I will talk to anyone. Outside of those situations I'm a nervous wreck.
  10. I could spend all day in the right bar talking to whoever sat down next to me.
  11. I have an amazing group of friends from college who all live too far away from me now. Even the ones that live 30 miles away.
  12. I love dogs, when I go to someones house for work I hate when they lock up their dog to protect me. I'd rather get slobbered on.
  13. I have a horrible tendency to start projects and quit when they get boring.
  14. I love to argue and will choose the opposite side just to debate a topic. I've learned more about the world doing that then through any book or class.
  15. I'm an amateur photographer, web developer, programmer, writer, cook, and 101 other things. Someday I'll be a professional at something.
  16. I joined the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra board this year. I'm hoping it broadens my musical tastes. And no I don't play.
  17. I can cook an egg anyway you like it if I have the right pan.
  18. Speaking of pans, my good kitchen tools are more important to me than my car. If you ever want to get me upset scratch my omelet pan.
  19. My weakness is good beer. I don't have a favorite and could spend the day trying new brews. Nothing annoys me more than a bar who serves Amber Bock as their dark beer.
  20. I quit piano because it wasn't cool, and recently I've started to regret it. Someday I'll pick it up again.
  21. I used to serve but unlike most former servers I don't tip well all the time. I took my job seriously when I did it and never felt right about getting tipped well when I did a poor job. I'll tip more than anyone at the table if you impress me.
  22. Sometimes I just give in an eat a whole large pizza.
  23. I'm terrible at getting dates, I never get around to asking because the conversation is too interesting.
  24. I'm conscious of where my food and my drinks come from, other than that I just buy the best product I can regardless of where it was made.
  25. I still get really excited when I see a new comment on my blog. I would rather get two new comments a day than get 1000 hits.

Warm Weather = Photos

It was over 40 in Minneapolis today. This was so great that I just had to soak up as much sun and warm air as possible. I took a ton of photo, including some of the Art Shanty's and the the Mill City/Stone Arch Bridge Area. But my favorite came from Como Zoo.

The other two are just icing on the cake. Sorry about the inconsistent processing job, I need to get my Raw file workflow down, just can't find a Linux program that works like I think.

Edit: I found a program that I liked and fixed the photos. No more blue and gray snow.