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Two Personal Tales

The last seven days have been a little crazy. I won't share all my stories here, I'm giving you two that I had to share with everyone.

The first happened on the morning of the 1st. I spent New years in Grand Forks and was up partying with my friends until 2 in the morning. After celebrating with champagne, playing a ton of the new Guitar Hero, and drinking like we were still in college, a few of us sat down to play Cranium. It was during this game that I started to get a little itchy. My friends have dogs that occasionally cause this but this just kept getting worse. Within a half hour of first noticing the itching my face has swollen up.

I had never had an allergic reaction like this before. Thankfully I wasn't having breathing problems, but it was still scary. I ended up getting a ride to the ER from a friend who had went home and wasn't drinking. After a couple of shots I was feeling much better and my face looked normal again. I have no idea what it was that I reacted to, I'm blaming it on the cheap champagne, and I'm keeping Benedryl on hand from now on just in case. I'm also going to look into getting to an allergist sometime to so I know what to look out for.

The second event happened this morning. I went through my usual morning routine, though I had to speed it up a bit since I could not drag myself out of bed. Usually I get up, shower, put on everything but a shirt and then eat breakfast and all the other morning stuff. Well this morning I skipped an important step. First, I you need to know that my job entails meeting customers where it's convenient for them, whether at home, work, or a coffee shop. Well this morning when I arrived at my customer's home and went to remove my jacket, and realized that I had forgotten to put on a shirt. I had an undershirt on, but apparently never finished off my attire. I'm not sure if the customer noticed or not, and I honestly don't want to know, but sitting in the dining room for an hour was extremely uncomfortable.

Wednesday Where? #5

Here's another Where? for you enjoyment. I'm sure someone will know exactly where this was taken. Then again maybe it's not quite as easy as I think it is.

Rules: The photo was taken somewhere within the Minneapolis/St. Paul 7 county area(PDF). Put your guess in the comments, multiple guesses are permitted. No prizes will be offered, other than the pride of knowing your city better than you ever should. Enjoy.

Thoughts and Links 1/6 Edition

Well it's 2009 and I'm drawing a blank on post ideas already, which isn't a good sign. Lots of good stuff in this edition though. I had a lot of things to read when I got back. I also updated my blogroll. Not every Minnesota blog I read ended up there, but over half did. Hope everyone is having a great week.

I'm Still Here

I'm still alive though I barely feel that way. I spent New Years Eve through Sunday in Grand Forks. I ate too much, drank too much, and got too little sleep. I'm at work today and barely functioning and it was worth every bit of the pain I feel today. Spending time with great friends is priceless.

I have a few stories from the weekend that I may share here, including my New Years experience which involved an allergic reaction and a trip to the ER. Don't worry I'm fine.

I really have nothing planned for this week except for a Where? on Wednesday. I'm trying to respond to a few of the comments on my MN Todo list. I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for making this site such a rewarding experience. The last few months has seen traffic and activity I've never experienced before and I appreciate everyone who comments, writes about, and visits my site.

2009 MN Todo List

As promised here is my list of things to do in MN during 2009. At 72 items I'm not sure I'll be able to do them all, but I'm going to try my best. I hope to write about most of these experiences here. Any other suggestions are welcome and if not added to this list will probably carry over to 2010.

This is just a tiny portion of the things there are to do in Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. After starting this list I realized I wanted to limit myself so I could actually finish it by 2010.

Wednesday Where? #4

I came across this while braving the storm yesterday. Anyone have a guess? I'm not sure about hints again this week. I'll try and get them up tonight and tomorrow, but no promises. I'll be celebrating the New Year in Grand Forks and may be incapacitated and disconnected. I'm going to post the hints in the comments this week and see how that goes. Let me know which way you prefer.

Rules: The photo was taken somewhere within the Minneapolis/St. Paul 7 county area(PDF). Put your guess in the comments, multiple guesses are permitted. No prizes will be offered, other than the pride of knowing your city better than you ever should. Enjoy.

New Year Goals 2009

I hate the term New Years resolution. I don't know why, maybe because the term has become almost meaningless. It seems that 90% of people make the same ones: lose weight, save money, eat out less. I used to do it to, until one year I just decided to say screw it. It's not that resolutions are bad, but deciding to set a date for a lifestyle change (which all of these things require) is not a good idea. Last year I decided in March that I wanted to get healthy, on December 1st I had lost 20lbs, overhauled my diet, and was routinely exercising. The holiday season hasn't helped those things, but I'm already getting back on track this week. This taught me that "big" life changes need to come when your ready and that the New Year is generally not the right time, for me at least.

Of course as I say this, I have a list of things I want to do this year. I'm calling them goals, not resolutions, and sticking with things that can be done in a short amount of time. Here is my list, we'll see how many I can check of by next December.

How about you, do you have any New Year Goals?

An Outdoor Type

I tried online dating about a year ago and had no success. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but after sending out numerous messages and not netting a single response I decided to stop. I tried a bunch of strategies, sending questions, being clever and funny, and especially being myself with no success. It was an interesting experience but I didn't really feel it was right for me.

Since I just stopped visiting dating sites but never canceled my memberships (well at the free sites at least) I still get occasional emails trying to lure me back. Here is what the profile of the person I was matched with today said,

"I love to watch and play sports. I enjoy being in the outdoors. I like to camp, fish and hunt and am not afraid to get dirty."

First, I want to be clear that I like a girl who enjoys sports and don't want a girl who screams whenever a little dirt ends up on her shoes. But I don't really wants to date a girl who fishes and hunts. I'm not that into the outdoors, granted I enjoy hiking, and occasionally will jump on a four wheeler and get covered in mud, but most of the time I would prefer going to a museum, checking out a show, or enjoying a nice dinner. My idea of enjoying the outdoors involves a camera not a fishing pole.

I'm not saying that this girl wouldn't interest me, but if the site wants to show me how great it is, especially after I know I filled out questionairs and a profile, it might want to consider tweaking some algorithms. Then again, maybe I really do want a girl who can skin a deer and gut a fish. At least I would get to learn how to cook the wildlife.

Thoughts and Links 12/29 Edition

For those of you back to work today, hopefully I can give you some links to distract yourself with. For those of you that didn't have to return to work, well good for you, spend a while looking through my archives after you've finished this post.

I was having issues with my Twitter plugin and it has been missing for the last week. I had to replace it due to some weird compatibility issue with Wordpress 2.8, things are working now though and you can follow my Twitter activity from here again.

As promised, I'll be giving you my 2009 Minnesota To-Do list on Thursday. I may skip the Wendesday Where? this week due to being out of town again, but if I find a good photo I may get one up.

Are They Trying to Fatten Me Up?

I hope you all had a great Christmas. I had a wonderful time with my family. It was great as I had been unable to get home for Christmas last year.

I'm starting to think that my family is trying to tell me something. Saucepan On Tuesday, I posted to Twitter that I had opened my parents Christmas present early since I was leaving and I couldn't stand seeing it sitting there wrapped before I left. I opened it and was ecstatic to find a Le Creuset saucepan. This of course means that I can no longer use the excuse of not having good equipment to avoid cooking.

The other piece of evidence that they are attempting to fatten me up came after I had arrived in Bozeman. My Mom's family does a name drawing every year. We have themes every year and this year the theme was Movie Night. For my gift I received a stove top popcorn popper. I'm excited for this gift, but again I'm fairly sure this is evidence in my family's conspiracy.

The final sign is a BBQ tool set from my parents. It's another great gift, but to enjoy it I need to eat more. I would take this a family wide conspircy except my brother got me The Omnivore's Dilemma. There are some conflicting plans and I'm working hard to unravel them.

Well, enough of the conspircy theories, I had an uneventful morning of travel to Bozeman on Christmas Eve. Christmas was wonderful we spent the day eating and watching basketball. Afterward, we decided to take in a movie. After reviewing our options we decided to go to Valkyrie. We headed off to the movie theatre and realized about five minutes into the drive that the snow we thought was fairly light was turning into a small blizzard. We would have turned around but we had already purchased tickets and had no choice but to brave the weather. We were all glad that we did as Valkyrie was as good as advertised. Christmas ended with four inches of new snow on the ground, everyone happy with their gifts, and a living room full of empty boxes.