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Was that Expect More, Live Better??

Nineteen years is a good run, but Wal-Mart decided to ditch its successful "Always Low Prices" Slogan. Read the article here They hired a new advertising firm, which appears to have convinced them to start saying "Save Money. Live Better." Not to point out the obvious, but isn’t this the same slogan as another successful retailer. "Expect More, Pay Less" has been around for a while, and Target was the first thought that popped into my head when I read Wal-Mart's new slogan. I'm not the only one to point this out.

Even though I think the slogan is a terrible mockery of a great slogan by Target, I do like parts of the strategy. The use of the study by Global Insight to highlight real savings to consumers is great and will probably make a positive impact. But the whole strategy just makes me think that Wal-Mart wants to take the same place in the minds of consumers as Target, yet want to still be known as the least expensive. I think it is going to be very difficult to shake the low-class and cheap feel most of us feel at Wal-Mart by stealing Target's slogan yet claiming $2,500 in savings.

If Wal-Mart really wanted to use that study for it's benefit, why not go out into the real world, find a family that was forced to switch to Wal-Mart for it's shopping due to a layoff or an unexpected increase in expenses and ask them to recount how much they saved by shopping at Wal-Mart rather than their competitor. A feel good story with hard numbers to back it up, that sure sounds like a winner to me.

We will teach you not to proofread

You have to love this sign, which was posted in the window of what was previously Globe College. They recently changed their name to Globe University and built a new building. This was the map they posted at their old location to direct you to the new location.

Globe University Map

It is difficult to see due to my camera phone's poor resolution, but they misspelled one of the major roads in Woodbury, Radio Drive, as Rasio Drive. Click for a Google map of the area. Somehow I don't see this inspiring confidence in students researching the college.

Price Change on Aisle 5

Bob Barker is retiring. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was never a big Price is Right fan, but when I watched it I always enjoyed it. I'm actually starting to wonder how many other classic game shows are going to start losing their hosts over the next 5 years. Not that there are many left, but shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune have been around forever, and when they either stop airing, or change hosts, it will be quite the change for multiple generations.

Sugar Dance

I always thought working at the mall on Halloween could be fun. It was, at least for the first 2 hours, but after that, wow you just wished it would stop. We handed out over 1000 pieces of candy, and we started late, and stopped early. Handing out candy was a blast though, considering the last few years I have been home for Halloween, and have not really had any trick-or-treaters. This year, I was able to see all the kids in their costumes, and it was neat.

As a salesperson though it was somewhat maddening, we had by far the most people I have seen in the mall during any period, and not one of them was actually there to shop. It makes you wonder about the place of malls in our society, they are more a place to gather than a place to shop sometimes, which makes the fact that they are slowly dying out in some cities not too surprising.

I made a partial list of the costumes that I saw today. Some of them were neat, I would say I saw the most of Spiderman, Batman, and pirates. Those with a * by them were adults, but were noteworthy enough I decided they had to be included. Kids were wearing everything else.

(Spelling and grammar in costume list known to be horrible)

Little Bo Peep, A pirate, dragon, witch, princess, batman, knight, incrediboy, superman, minny, Dale Earnhart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Pooh, moneyboy(at least that's what I think he was), bunny, fairy, carebear, penguin, ninja, clown, dinosaur, cheerleader, dalmation, a box of popcorn, thomas the train, chick, tigger, ghost, ER Doctor, darth vader, woverine(from X-men,), frog, kitty, devil, grim reaper, mr. fantastic, motocross, writer, pumpkin, angel/devil, skeleton, spiderman, pocahontas, teenage mutant ninja turtle, elmo, big bird, luke skywalker, Jawa*, robin, vikings cheerleader, rock star, ketchup, man with the yellow hat* and curious george(though I didn't actually see this one), tinkerbell, dragonball Z character, little red riding hood, hippy, ladybug, teletubby, skeletor, hawaiian hula girl, scooby-do, giraffe, bumble bee, bride, dallas cowboy's cheerleader, fireman, policeman, lion, tiger, gandalf*, baby sitter*, vampire, fighting sioux hockey player, skunk, bear, stormtrooper.

Strange and .....

Working as a server has it's good times, such as when a customer
tells you they had a great time and will be back again, and then their
are times that make you want to take a pen and poke yourself directly in
the left eye (or the right eye if that is your preference). Mostly
though it can be a lot of fun, you meet a lot of interesting people and work
with a great team. Today was an odd day though, one that didn't fit into a good or bad day. Even
though my customers were nice people, and everyone that was working was
competent, somehow I managed to feel as though I was out of place.

I had one table out of seven that I felt enjoyed themselves, all my
other tables seemed to think I was either attempting to force them into
buying the most expensive item on the menu, or was possibly going to
snap and attack them with a steak knife. Just an odd experience overall.

And my story ends here, not sure where I wanted to go with this, so I'll just leave the rest of this post for another day.