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Cannon Valley Trail

This past weekend I kept myself pretty busy. First I went to the monthly meeting of Penguins Unbound. There, I listened to Paul Cutler give a talk on Foresight Linux. This was interesting and getting out and trying to become involved in the Linux community in the Twin Cities is definitely something that I am going to continue. Listening to someone who is involved in the decision making for a successful distribution was great and I felt that I have a better understanding of how much work goes into maintaining an established distribution.

The second part of my day was taken up by driving to Cannon Falls and biking the Cannon Valley Trial. It was great, the trail is well maintained, there are a ton of rest stops along the way, and it's tree covered so you don't get fried when you forget sunscreen, as I did. When I started the riding I planned on going about 15 miles and turning around, thinking that 30 miles would be about all I could do, but by the time I hit 15 miles I decided to just continue to the end. So I ended up riding 40 miles total on Saturday. I was exhausted at the end of it, but it was a great way to spend the afternoon. If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I highly recommend making the trip to Red Wing or Cannon Falls and taking the trail. It is $3 for a wheel pass, but it's worth every penny.