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Peach Tea

When I went grocery shopping on Thursday, I needed some tea. I was not at my usual Cub, I had to go to Office Max so I ended up at the Apple Valley Cub. Unlike my normal store, they sell bulk tea there. I compared the prices and realized I needed to buy my tea in bulk from now on. It was on sale for 99 center per ounce, most bagged tea wasn't even 1 oz total weight and cost around 3-4 dollars.

I purchased a couple of different varieties. I bought some mint green tea. I love green tea and I had bought some Bigelow mint green tea recently and found it really refreshing. But the tea that I'm falling in love with is the summer peach tea. It is phenomenal, refreshing yet the tea flavor is very evident under the peach. It makes great iced tea. It seems to have a pretty high caffeine content for tea though, so be aware.

Cameron's Coffee - Bulk Teas