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Minnesota Blogs I'm Currently Reading

As I continue my adventures with Twitter, I have focused a fair amount of my following on fellow Minnesotans. Due to this, I have slowly amassed a collection of blogs either written by a Minnesotan or are written about Minnesota. Here is a rundown of these blogs and a few thoughts.

  • Lazy Lightning - This blog is written by a South Metro Resident Bill Roehl. It focuses on a variety of subjects regarding the Southern Metro. Some of Bill's best posts in my opinion are his restaurant reviews which are a great source for those looking to try some new eats.
  • Erik Michael Photography - This is a photo blog published by one of my college friends. He is a great outdoor and motor sports photographer and though he publishes infrequently, it is always worth the wait.
  • Girl Friday - The tag line is "Confessions of a Minneapolis Concierge." Posts about restaurants, style, and events. Sometimes off topic and always entertaining.
  • Growing Communities of Scientists - Blog written by a teacher at a Minneapolis High School who is working on creating a Linux Thin Client computer lab for his science class room. I'm currently working with him to get the project up and running.
  • Just a Cool Cat - A blog by a St. Paul resident, I have not been subscribed to it for very long, but this post alone made me add it to my feed list.
  • Meg's Single Step - MegCanada is one of my favorite twitter users.
  • Minneapolis Met Blog - Locally focused news by local bloggers. Good source for local events and opinion.
  • Mmmmm, Dinner - Kassie's recipes have been starred numerous times in Google Reader, unfortunately I have yet to try them. They do look wonderful though.
  • MN Headhunter - Local jobs and job tips.
  • MOA Blog - Discovered this blog recently. Interesting tidbits about the Mall of America. Even if I avoid the MOA as much as possible it is fun to read an obsessive visitors take.
  • Overheard In Minneapolis - A site cataloging odd things overheard in Minneapolis. Subscribe and increase your laugher quota for the day.
  • Swirlspice - Another wonderful Twitter user who I find intelligent, informative, and sometimes hysterically funny. @swirlspice
  • The Deets - Another Minneapolis blog I just subscribed to. Interesting so far and I expect it to continue.
  • The Waiting Line - Generally a photo blog. Wr3n is another of my favorite twitterers.
  • This is Why I love Minneapolis - It's all in the name, interesting tidbits and news from Minneapolis and sometimes St. Paul.
  • Twin City Sidewalks - A blog talking about and photographing sidewalks. More interesting than you think.

I should also mention the Star Tribune's Timberwolves blog and also Twins Fix. They are currently the only sports blogs I follow, but as the NBA and MLB seasons get into full swing I will be searching out additional sites.

So now you have my current Minnesota reading list. Feel free to share any other Minnesota blogs that you read in the comments.