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Friday Five 7/24 Edition

I'm back with two posts in a row. Today I present to you five things you should read before you head off to whatever you're doing this weekend.

  1. First, AP toughened it's stance on copyright and linking to it's stories. This article explains AP's stance and then I found this which is a great discussion by the NYT Co's head counsel regarding his stance on copyright and fair use.
  2. Bill Simmons is one of my favorite sports writers and he tends to drag his father into his articles frequently. This week he wrote a piece about his father that rocked. Read it and then call your dad.
  3. The NY Times published an article this week about President Obama's adviser Valerie Jarrett. It's not only a great look at our president and one of his closest advisers, but is also an interesting look at the workings of the West Wing.
  4. Local site, The Heavy Table has a piece about a Wisconsin Cranberry farm. As someone who grew up on a farm, I love stories about small farmers making it, especially when they don't bow to the corporate bigwigs of whatever company dominates the processing of their crop.
  5. A great article on the cost of cheap food from a site I had never heard of until this week. Really well written and worth your time, especially if you don't think our food system is broken.

And today's bonus item is a photo(Warning: Photo is quite large) that will leave you pining for the 2010 MLB season. Outdoor baseball in Minneapolis can't come soon enough.