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I Don't Know Her or Her Friends

Dear Facebook, your suggest a friend feature is the most worthless thing ever.

Here is the deal, when I first joined Facebook, which was quite a while ago, I was friended by some random girl in Memphis. At the time I wasn't picky about who I accepted friend requests from, so I accepted her request and we have been friends ever sense. Occasionally I consider removing her as a friend, but really I see no reason to. She doesn't interact with me, and doesn't post annoying things so I just let it be.

Recently though, being friends with her has given me some insight. Basically it is that Facebook's suggest a friend feature is worthless. For some reason Facebook insists on showing me people that she is friends with. This makes no sense. For one thing, I have no mutual friends with her. Wouldn't that put her pretty low on the list of people whose friends I know. Additionally, she isn't geographically close to me, we've never interacted, never lived within 100 miles of each other, and never attended the same schools. If you were going to choose someone on my friend list to use for that feature, she would be the last one on the list.

So Facebook, here is my challenge to you, write a decent algorithm that keeps stupidity like this from happening. You try hard to sell yourself as a valuable platform, but nonsense like this doesn't help your sales pitch.