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Duluth and the Woods

My trip to Duluth was intended to be a photo journey. I ended up spending the day in a bar thinking there was nothing worth photographing. Finally, after being told I had to go take photos of the waves I ended up doing just that. I had an incredible time. It was probably the most challenging photography experience I've had. The winds were gusting at over 40 mph and the rain was coming at you vertically. I had an umbrella and a jacket to protect my gear, but it was almost impossible to keep the lens dry. Happily, I managed to get a few shots I'm happy with and the experience only added fuel to my passion for photography.

Here are a few of the shots I took. As usual, the rest can be found on Flickr.

The last time I was in Duluth I was there for a job interview and didn't have much time to enjoy myself. I loved seeing the ships on the lake. It stills amazes me just how big Superior is.

The waves were incredible, I talked to a few locals while walking along the shore and they all said they don't usually see waves this large this early in the season.

One of the residents of Duluth directed me to this beach where people were surfing. I'd heard this was possible but had never seen it until I took these photos.

Unfortunately, the rain and clouds didn't lead to many great fall color shots. On the plus side I did get to hang out with Piper again. She is getting big but she is still dang cute.