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What Sloped Means

In the last month or so I've been asked on several occasions what my Twitter name means. So I thought I would take the time to share this incredible story with my readers.

Ok, I'm lying it's not interesting or incredible but since people want to know I'm going to tell them. Sloped came from a blog that I started in college and killed almost immediatly called slopedsideways. I came up with the name because I realized fairly early on in my life that my brain doesn't work like the rest of the world's. Not that this makes me unique, but at the time I thought it did.

So in an attempt to describe this phenomenon I settled on the phrase slopedsideways, basically this meant that my thought processes don't go in a straight line but instead slant a touch to the right or left depending on the time of day.

When I joined Twitter I was looking for a short yet unique name for myself. I had recently been thinking about the blogs I had started throughout the years. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to resurrect the name and it's unique enough that I generally can use it anywhere I go.

So that's the story behind the name, and this is also the perfect opportunity for me to announce one of my new projects. I'm starting another blog at It's going to be a place for me to get on my soap box about social media, workplace technology, and other things that don't really fit with that I'm doing here. So take a look, subscribe if you want, and let me know what you think.