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Ugh (or getting me to write about you)

I got this email today. Though it's great that they reached out to me, I have some issues.

Dear Connor,

My name is -redacted- of WOMfire, part of the marketing team for Chili's Grill & Bar. Because you are an excellent of social media insight and knowledge (and passionate about it), Chili's is excited to share with you our latest offer exclusive to Foursquare users. For a limited time only, Foursquare users will receive FREE Chips and Salsa every time they check-in to a participating Chili's Grill & Bar location and show it to their server. You don't have to be mayor with this offer because it is eligible every time you check in at Chili's.

We're also running a giveaway through Foursquare and Twitter: Users can hashtag "#FREECHIPSCHECKIN" with their Foursquare check-in and ping it to Twitter, and be entered to win a $50 Chili's Gift Card from now until August 2.

If there's any additional information you would like, please feel free to contact me at -redacted-


Social Media Strategist, WOMfire
4401 Rockside Road Suite #214
Independence, OH 44131

1st, they spelled my name wrong. Instantly they are on my bad side.
2nd, grammar. I don't claim to be great at grammar, but even I know that I am not "an excellent of social media insight and knowledge."
3rd, thanks for letting me know I can spam my friends with an all caps hashtag to earn $50.