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Hey, I Bought A Bike

[caption id="attachment_2047" align="alignright" width="600" caption="The Bike*"][/caption]

Remember when I was whining because I couldn't find a bike I liked. It worked.

I'm now a proud owner of a 1980's Fuji 10-speed. It's in great shape. Other than needing a new saddle and some new wrap on the bars it's pretty much good to go. I found it on Craigslist and after a back and forth conversation trying to figure out when I could stop by to look at it, I managed to get over to Northeast Minneapolis to give it a ride. I really liked it. It's solid, quick, and in incredible shape for it's age. I'm not positive but I think almost everything but the wheels are original. I'm sort of sad that I need to replace the saddle since it's the original and still has the Fuji logo on it, but it has a tear and is really worn. The bar wrap is very worn down as well, basically like holding onto plastic.

I rode it home last night in the dark. I'm not proud of the fact that I didn't have any lights, but it was a one time deal. It will be fitted with appropriate safety measures by Saturday. I'm very excited I'm back on two wheels. It will make the summer a lot more enjoyable.

*Better photos to come.