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Sunday Work Club

Last Sunday I had a really productive afternoon with Shanna at Urban Bean. We had scheduled a work session together to give each other a kick on some personal goals we share. It was great, and got me thinking.

I have a lot of really smart friends doing really smart things. A lot of them do some really smart things outside of normal business hours. Now I love the idea of Coco, and other collaborative workspaces, so I thought, why not start a coffee shop work club.

So here is the deal. We'll meet Sunday afternoons around 2:30 at a some coffee shop in town. We'll all order a coffee, sit down, and do some work. The goal isn't to have conversations, it's about working next to someone who is also getting things done. Sure we can show off our latest accomplishments or maybe query the hive mind for some feedback, but mostly we work. There is something about sitting next to someone working on something they are passionate about that rocks.

We'll try to rotate to various shops depending on who joins in. My initial stop is going to be the Urban Bean location on Bryant. If you want you can subscribe to the Sunday Work Club calendar to keep updated. Leave a comment if you're interested and I'll remind you on Saturday morning if you ask.